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Direct DeFi Access Meets Traditional Prime Brokerage Services for Institutional Investors

BEQUANT offers a one-stop solution for institutional and professional traders. We are bringing direct access to DeFi protocols via Fireblocks as we continue to observe an unprecedented demand for DeFi protocols from institutional players who want to have a secure and regulated way to diversify their trading strategies.

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Access to top DeFi protocols through one unified user interface. No need for 3rd party software or plugins

DeFi-specific collateral management by protocols and type of interaction (lending, borrowing, staking, liquidity providing)

Swap functionality on UniSwap, borrow and deposit or earn on Aave - new protocols continuously integrated

Portfolio margining (for select operations), Cross margining across CEXes and DEXes for more efficient arbitrage via BEQUANT

Use REST API to interact with DeFi platforms the same way as you do with REST CeFi exchanges

Supported via Fireblocks, leveraging an extra layer of security and industry best practice

The Fireblocks Partnership

Fireblocks is now fully integrated on BEQUANT to allow clients to lock their assets into DeFi smart contracts and tap into the liquidity currently locked in DeFi, valued at more than $72.5 billion.

Working closely with the Fireblocks team we have been able to build a unique, institutional-level offering which allows institutional investors to build diverse portfolios.

UniSwap Access

UniSwap is the leading decentralized crypto trading protocol we offer direct access to.

Join other institutional traders and liquidity providers in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

Aave Integration

Access one of the biggest DeFi liquidity pools by borrowing or depositing and earning directly via BEQUANT, without the need of any 3rd party tools or integrations.

Get familiar with the Aave protocol’s borrowing rules by visiting


We ensure the security of assets through the entire DeFi trade cycle. This is executed through wallet management, transfers, and when they are locked into smart contracts, ready to be transferred onto a DeFi Pool.

During the withdrawal process, we only allow assets to be returned to the wallet from which they came. Ask our experts about the infrastructure behind keeping your assets secure.

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BEQUANT may utilise DeFi, through the blockchain, in respect of elements such as stablecoins, software, and hardware. As a result, there may also be coding errors, "bugs," that may cause the software to malfunction, and security vulnerabilities that allow thieves, "hackers," to break in and steal funds from the protocol. The infrastructure for DeFi and its regulation are still under development and debate.

There are no safety nets in DeFi. DeFi transfers all of the responsibility from the intermediaries to the user. If you accidentally transfer funds to a wrong address or forget the passphrases to your wallet, then you have lost your assets. There is no bank customer support line you can call to undo a transaction. Given the foregoing, Virtual Assets are not appropriate for all investors. You should not deal in these products unless you have the necessary knowledge and expertise, understand these products’ characteristics and your exposure to risk. You should also be satisfied that the product is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial position. In addition, use of BEQUANT’s Services can never be considered a safe investment, rather, only an investment with a high risk of loss inherently associated with them.

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